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Experiential Workshops for Your Organization

Does your organization/community of faith/school seek a greater understanding of incarceration and what it is like to reenter the community? Do you want to understand the challenges our clients face? Are you concerned about the impact having a loved one incarcerated has on children? Want to know what you can do to help?

CCT offers experiential workshops for groups like yours. We’ll walk you through simulations and scenarios that give you a deeper understanding of what life is like for our clients. You’ll also learn about policies you can advocate for and ways you can help CCT continue to carry out our mission.

Contact us today at

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New Offering: Business Bootcamp

In partnership with Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont and Carolinas Institute for Entrepreneurship, CCT launched a new four-week course called Business Bootcamp. It is a four-week course on business basics for people thinking about starting their own business. To our delight, several of the students are interested in starting their own nonprofit organizations! We are in talks about offering the course again in the future.

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LifeWorks! Director, Erik Ortega, conducts day long workshop in Gastonia.

LifeWorks! in Gastonia

CCT LifeWorks! has been working with Goodwill Southern Piedmont and Gaston County to bring some of their programming to reentry clients in Gastonia. In February, they conducted a day long workshop with federal inmates at the Gaston County Jail. The program was well-received, and talks are ongoing to bring more services to the area.

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The reunited family poses for a photo outside our Center for Women.

A Mother Sees her Daughters for the First Time in 6 Years

Latasha was transferred to CCT Center for Women earlier this year after six years in prison. A wife and mother of two, she struggled with her roles as both behind bars. Her husband, Todd, a wonderful father, did not want their two girls, Baylee and Tannon, to be exposed to the prison atmosphere, and decided that they would not visit their mother in prison. It was a tough decision, one that no family should have to make.

The environment at the Center for Women is very different from a regular corrections facility, resembling a dormitory more than a prison. There are no bars or barbed wire. Residents may decorate their rooms, which they share with one roommate, as they wish. On any given day you’ll see the hustle and bustle of the women coming and going from work, school, or adventures out in the community with our amazingly dedicated volunteer sponsors. So when Latasha came here, she told Todd it was a much more suitable environment for their two girls.

Latasha plays basketball with her youngest daughter.

Latasha plays basketball with her youngest.

After visiting our facility himself, he decided that yes, the homey atmosphere was healthy enough for his children. So, after six long years, the family reunited. After hugs and joyful tears, the foursome played several games of basketball outside the dorm, soaking in the sunshine and relishing simply being together.

By allowing our residents to rebuild relationships and restore family bonds while they are finishing their sentences, we know that they are more likely to make a successful transition back into their homes and communities when they are released.

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“My life forever changed”

This Christmas the staff and residents of CCT’s Center for Women received a heartwarming and encouraging Christmas card from a former resident. The Center for Women is our residential facility for women who are finishing out the last 1 to 3 years of their prison sentences. The Center aims to make reentry smoother for the residents. Residents are employed in the community, are sponsored by volunteers to go to off-site events, are able to attend community college, and are assisted by a case manager in finding housing on release.

As staff, we feel so privileged to be a part of this client’s journey, and there is no better Christmas present than to hear a client is doing well! (Full text below image)

Testimonial Card

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to the staff and Residents!

Ladies: I had the pleasure to be at CCTW from 2010-2013, the opportunities and resources that were made available to me while there absolutely put the finishing touches on me before my release. I want to thank the staff (Myra, Tiffany, Joy, and the many others that passed through those doors!!) and everyone of the people & community programs that help, encourage, and give their time to do all they could for myself and all the ladies that were there and will be there in the future. Thank you. My life forever changed the minute I walked into that huge white house on Park Place Dr. (the original, yeah I’m one of those :-) ) And I have only respect, gratitude, and an abundance of love for the ECO program and most of all Myra!!! Stay on course ladies, I am proof there is a REAL life and real means out here for us all. . .

Sorry I ran out of space. Just too many awesome memories, opportunities, and programs, mental health help, and just a real once in a lifetime experience that I was very much blessed to get. God opened many many doors for me, and as long as I do my part, stay the course, he continues to. Just had to let y’all know it’s possible to get out and do, not just say!

Joy, love, peace, and all my prayers,

A former CCT Client

Feeling inspired to help out? The Center for Women is always seeking volunteers and donations are always appreciated.

Donate Online

Donate Online

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Home for the Holidays


Imagine the Joy of a Child whose parent is home for the holidays for the first time in years. For some of our clients this is a reality, for others that moment is a distant thought.

This year we ask that you give our clients a piece of

“Home for the Holidays”

Here at CCT we are committed to creating pathways and opportunities that allow persons to experience positive, self-motivated change.  Your gift supports our work in helping children cope, families reunite, and the restoration of broken relationships.  Women and men that have been served by CCT:

  • Found and maintained employment with living wages
  • Developed social supports
  • Became more resilient
  • Discovered a new perspective for healthy living
  • Returned to their families as positive contributing members
  • Connected to helpful community resources

Being home for the holidays is a privilege that for most of us brings joy and excitement. For many of our clients this time of year is coupled with grief, sadness, and feelings of isolation. The memories of laughter, joy and celebration are tainted by the harsh reality of brokenness, hurt and lost time.  

Your generosity directly helps our clients create a future in which they will know joy and fulfillment. Your contribution will bring happiness and cheer to families impacted by incarceration who would otherwise have very little to look forward to.

Consider the incredible story of CCT client, Ms. Mock. After completion of our program and with the help of others in the community, such as yourself, she was not only able to move into her own fully furnished home, but this year, after years of spending Christmas yearning and dreaming to see the smile on her children’s faces, she will be spending Christmas with her children right by her side. This year she will begin to create a new joyous family narrative.

So please, help us as we work to help another person’s thought become a reality and find it in your heart to make a donation to The Center for Community Transitions by Friday, December 16th.

Your gift will brighten this Holiday Season for clients and families in need of hope.

Contributions at the given amounts will:

      $25 purchase one copy of the Working Smart curriculum

      $75 purchase work clothes and shoes for one ready-to-work client

      $100 provide two incoming clients at the Women’s Facility “New Start Packs”

      $250 provide food at one Third Tuesday family support and fellowship event

Together, we can give our families “a piece of home for the holidays.”



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Women’s Education and Reentry

Woman speaks to listeners gathered at the Women's Education Fund Tea Event

An Education Fund Participant speaks at the annual Education Fund Tea at Amelie’s French Bakery & Cafe

Education is a key element to a successful life after incarceration. Women with specialized training or a college education are more likely to find employment, provide for their families, and remain out of prison. The Women’s Education Fund was established in 2012 to provide the residents at the Center for Women the opportunity to pursue an education as they complete their prison sentences. In September, CCT held it’s 2nd Annual Education Tea fundraiser to support the fund. Enough funds were raised to send 5 women to class at CPCC.

To date, 31 students have participated in the Women’s Education fund since 2012. To remain in the program, students must maintain a C average or better. Multiple students have been inducted into honor societies and one participant has gone on to obtain a Master’s Degree.

Education has allowed me the opportunities to overcome many obstacles, some that have either ben imposed on me by my own actions or those of others. It has allowed me to spread my wings and soar and know that I can achieve my dreams and my goals. I am more than just my past record; I have the ability to affect change in myself and in others.” –E. H., Education Fund Participant

This year, we would like to thank all donors who gave to the fund; our wonderful hosts, Mimi Beal, Sonja Johnson, Brenda Peake, and Bonnie Tangalos; and Amelie’s French Bakery & Cafe for their generosity and support.

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Newsletter – Fall 2016

CCT’s Fall 2016 Newsletter is out! We’ve had a busy a quarter including our LifeWorks! program’s big move to the Goodwill Opportunity Campus, and the addition of a new service.

You can view the full document below. For the best experience, use the button in the lower right corner to switch to full screen. You can also download and print the newsletter at home. If you want to receive newsletters and other updates by email:

Newsletter Fall 2016 by CCT on Scribd

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Back In Style

IMG_5841CCT held it’s yearly Back In Style event on Thursday, August 25th. The annual back to school event helps children with incarcerated parents prepare for the new school year by providing school supplies, school uniforms, and free haircuts and hair styles.

This year we served more than 90 families, provided bookbags and school supplies 220 children, 85 free hair cuts, and 39 uniform sets! Forty schools were represented and we had 32 volunteers.

CCT estimates that 5,000 children in Mecklenburg County have a parent who is currently incarcerated, and 10,000 more have experienced parental incarceration at some point. Parental incarceration increases the risk of children living in poverty, and we see this with our clients every day. For many, back to school shopping is major financial strain, which is why we started Back In Style 6 years ago.

Thank you to the many many individuals, churches, and groups who donated items, our amazing volunteer barbers and stylists, and all of the other volunteers who served, as well as our sponsors who provided food and drink.

Corporate Sponsors

Aon Foundation


Gillespie’s Barber and Styling

Exclusive Cuts Barbershop

Office Depot


New Waves of Joy

Myers Park Mustangs

Mayor’s Mentoring Alliance


Food Provided By

Uncle Maddio’s
Prairie Pizza D.B.A. Dominos Pizza
Coca Cola
Elevation Church
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