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Lifeworks! provides individuals with criminal records with a variety of resources and tools necessary to reach their professional and personal goals. Using a cognitive behavior intervention approach, clients are asked to evaluate themselves. They learn to examine the reasons for choices made in the past and how to analyze and change unhelpful thought patterns. We believe that when clients learn how to take charge of their thinking, they can change their lives.


Employment readiness workshop

The foundational program of Lifeworks!, this two-week workshop prepares individuals with criminal records for the process of introducing themselves to potential employers and teaches them how to market themselves, with a focus on personal branding.

Employment search – Networking

Provides clients with job leads, focusing on employers who have stated a willingness to hire people with criminal records.

Case management – Client Advisement

Staff members work one-on-one with clients to determine personal goals and to identify the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

Referrals to community partners

Lifeworks! partners with other community agencies to ensure that clients have access to basic services needed to reach their goals and also to assist with crisis situations.

Partners include:

Career development and job retention

Once a client obtains employment, Lifeworks! staff members help the individual identify career goals and collaborate on developing a plan of action. Staff members also provide assistance to resolve workplace conflict and coach clients on how to manage stress associated with difficult conversations.

Transportation Assistance

The CCT allocates funding for bus passes so that clients have necessary transportation for job searching, getting to and from Lifeworks! classes, and traveling to various appointments that provide them with crisis assistance. Graduates may continue to receive bus passes if they show proof of 30 personal job contacts per week.

At orientation, I felt…

"Like I really did not want to go to these classes and they were a
Waste of time"
Very Unworthy, Uncomfortable, Nervous

At Graduation I feel…

"Like it was a power move to my future and letting me know how
important it is to be ready"
"Very confident. I can make it in the business world and be
successful in life"

I want CCT to know…

"They have helped me overcome a lot of obstacles and opened my
eyes to situations I thought weren't important but now I know
they are"
I never thought I would learn so much and meet so many interesting