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Starting over is not an easy thing to do for anyone.

Social Justice Issues

What is collateral punishment?

When someone goes to prison, they go to prison as punishment for an offense against society. Prison separates them from the people they love, from making choices, from not being able to help their family or loved ones, from People are not sent to prison to be punished. Once that time has expired and the person is released there is a false assumption that the slate has been cleaned and the person can start over.

In today’s world an arrest, conviction, probation, and/or an incarceration creates an on-going barrier to employment, housing, applying for a loan, and in some cases participating or attending your child’s school or community activities and/or receiving food stamps and in some instances voting privileges (in NC, voting is restored upon release from supervision- this includes incarceration and community supervision). This is called collateral punishment. It is like “the punishment you didn’t see coming.” With collateral punishment, the question becomes, “What is a person to do if they want to live in a way that will not have them run afoul of the law?”

What can I do?

Get proximate to the issue.

Write your legislators to support ban the box, certificates of relief

Share information with your church, friends, coworkers

Speak up