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Welcome to the Center for Community Transitions (CCT)

CCT is a non-profit organization. Our purpose is to strengthen the community by helping those with criminal records navigate paths towards healthy and productive lives. For more than forty years, we have provided a variety of services at CCT, aiding individuals who are currently incarcerated, those released from incarceration, as well as their children and families.

Here are some things that we know

  • Federal and state corrections facilities held over 1.6 million prisoners at the end of 2010—approximately one in every 201 U.S. residents.
  • At least 95% of state prisoners will be released back to their communities at some point.
  • During 2010, 708,677 sentenced prisoners were released from state and federal prisons, an increase of nearly 20% from 2000.
  • Approximately 9 million individuals are released from jail each year.
  • Nearly 4.9 million individuals were on probation or parole at the end of 2010
  • In a study that looked at recidivism in over 40 states, more than 4 in 10 offenders returned to state prison within 3 years of their release.
  • In 2009, parole violators accounted for 33.1% of all prison admissions, 35.2% of state admissions, and 8.2% of federal admissions.
  • 23% of adults exiting parole in 2010 – 127,918 individuals – returned to prison as a result of violating their terms of supervision, and 9% of adults exiting parole in 2010 – 49,334 individuals – returned to prison as a result of a new conviction.

These alarming statistics inform the work that CCT does. We operate under the “build people, not prisons” philosophy and believe that the entire community benefits when we help those individuals released from jails and prisons find a better way of life.

At CCT, we offer three main programs to address the needs of those incarcerated or recently released from incarceration:
  • The Center for Women is a 30-bed residential facility for women serving out the final years of their prison sentences. The foundational offering at the Center for Women is the work-release program, guiding women towards a place of productive living and independence.
  • Lifeworks! is the longest running program of the organization and focuses on helping individuals with criminal records navigate the process of attaining and retaining employment.
  • Families Doing Time is a program that is designed to help strengthen family bonds between an incarcerated loved one and her family and interrupt the cycle of inter-generational incarceration.

More information on the services we offer can be found by navigating the various tabs on our website. Please look further to learn about who we are, what we do, and how you can help.